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    We believe that latinamerican prospects need more direction and guidance to understand your value. Online payment market limitations, size of domestic markets and sales objections processes need a special approach. Our focus is to continuously bring support to your prospects in their journey to purchase and develop Go-To-Market strategies that fit in more than 15 countries.

Netting outputs and expertise
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Don´t leave them alone!

BTB customers are more demanding. They have more options, more access to competitors information and eventually more people are involved in the decision process. We see companies falling short on meeting these growing demands due to not enough emphasis in explaining products and solutions value to prospects, internal pre-sales involved late in the process, and marketing budgets focused on content and not in prospect connections.

At Netting our ProspectLatam solution focuses on helping multinational companies address these new issues.

Customer Journey to Purchase

This is the key to really connect with prospects. The more insights you get from those cold or hot leads the better your future campaigns explain your value, communicate your message and become useful to the prospect. It is a matter of being disciplined filtering all go-to-market initiatives through the findings of customers and prospects journey interviews.

Prospecting to medium and small companies

Large companies they are well taken care of. Medium and small companies is an on-going learning process that needs flexible marketing and sales processes.

We see over and over senior level, high cost resources, and time consuming demos focused on leads that are not ready. We understand companies want to bring the best to make a first impression but It is more for us about creating a process in which your investment in lead development grows as the lead is better qualified.

We work with your company taking care of this first steps with a process that still gives the contact the information they need but reduces your cost of customer acquisition.

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  • Processes
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Teaming Up with Marketers

Our PCNF approach focuses on collaboration and productivity:


Over 10 years delivering and validating marketing and training projects for your local and global strategies in the Americas: USA, Mexico, Brazil and 15+ countries in Latin America.

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