S.R.S. Direction for Field marketers - Simple, Replicable & Scalable initiatives -

Feet-on-the-ground in different countries to capture prospects attention, ideate new marketing initiatives and explore unattended segments.

It is not about hiring a telemarketing team to make calls, It is about finding the right call to actions and providing useful content in prospects favorite channel.

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Event or Tradeshow Support

Planning and executing your corporate events in local markets, facilitating logistics, production and targeted accounts attendance.

As more and more companies create events, prospects need a higher motivation and better communication of its value.

Social media, email and google search campaigns, event landing page setup. event registration management and marketing automation follow up.

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Corporate events support

Our teams have experience working on helping businesses focus on targeted digital and field programs to create interest on company’s products and service.

Events are part of a nurturing program and focus on developing familiarity and sales objections tactics enriching databases and SDRs pipeline.

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Post Event - Leads & Opportunities

Netting helps companies with their events lead development in LATAM by

Assigning local telemarketing analysts to determine interest.
Validate and enrich CRM databases to ensure SDR team has all information correct.
Provide prospects with useful information based on their industry and role in the company.

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Non Script development for segments - Consultative approach

Prospects interest and trust is gained with providing value for them first. Marketing departments need to develop content for all stages of customers journey to purchase.

Our team acts as interest developers and brand/product content provider. All included in your CRM for your SDR team.

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Developing New Campaigns for Specific Segments

Together with your company team, Netting Solutions will explore different options to develop activation campaigns.

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Process summary

As per your company request Netting Solutions will be able to create and execute follow up Marketing Actions

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