There is a market disconnection between the value your products provide and potential market segments understanding it and finding it in their purchase to journey.

¨ProspectReset¨ focuses on making that connection on 3 levels:

Value: Your current clients see the value you bring. We need to focus on making the same for prospects. By understanding how you really are different and how you bring progress to them, we believe prospects will become your clients more efficiently.

Message: As we develop our campaigns we need to focus on the reasons to buy, their purchase to journey stage, considerations we need to fulfill more than in the format. We are 100% of the time making it simple for them.

Team: Even in small teams marketing needs to have accountability in leads development and sales. Marketing and sales teams need to work together to reach new clients aligning campaigns, next best actions and creating new ideas to impact prospects.


¨ProspectReset¨ improves your current process by:

Developing new perspectives and creating campaigns for previous clients that are currently inactive or not being reached by your team. They know you and you know them, it is an opportunity to find low- hanging-fruits.

Exploring and entering new or unattended target segments. Your solutions can always be presented and adjusted to reach different kind of clients.

Integrating current sales and pre-sales traditional efforts with digital and automated campaigns. Technology reduces operational tasks and improves data management for better decision making processes.

Covering all stages

The solution is executed in 4 phases:

At the beginning of the implementation, we will explain to your team the objectives, process and deliverables of each one.

1. Understanding current pre-sales and marketing process, its limitations, and best practices.

2. Reaching a consensus for sales, number of new clients and timeline objectives. Defining goals and commitments.

3. Team/Go-to-market. Development of a weekly program for marketing and pre-sales actions.

4. Day1score. Implementation of a customized tool to keep track of progress of campaigns and team commitments on a weekly basis.


How do we start

We will have an initial meeting with your team to understand your priorities and quick wins. We will present how ProspectReset 10 guidelines may impact and change the way you have your current process.

Our objective is for us to define the best way to integrate with your structure, with your best practices and implement a new perspective for the next months.

Please call us for an initial conversation by sending us an email to

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to exploring working with you!

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