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Move forward your marketing and pre-sales projects with confidence and control. Drive leads to the sales team

Technnect3 is our out-tasking solution for your marketing operations: Marketing automation configurations, campaigns and data analitycs implementation, and CRM database management.

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Our solution trusted by results-driven teams in large and medium size companies

Take immediate responsive actions, influence the process and prevent overworking your team


When marketing requests transform into demands

Improve agility to meet marketing teams demands, have a solution to accelerate your operations response for time-critical projects


Keep up-to-date

Defining special processes for current bottlenecks and significant backlogs


Drive more leads to the sales team

Creating a support solution ready to jump-in, providing services on an on-demand or on-going basis

Faster delivery time, simpler requests process, more flexibility.

Configuring marketing automation platforms for campaign deployment, providing simple to complex data and campaign analysis / reports.


Creating data segments for new opportunities using queries and lists pulls

Providing data cleansing and enrichment services

Multichannel campaigns deployment, tracking and analytics set up.

Supporting sales development with product and consumer marketing content management and delivery platforms operations.

Technnect 3 Out-tasking solutions aligned to your preferences

Specific task support



Services focused on requests that are semi-automated or are very manual to deliver.  Repeated operations that need to be executed timely.

Initiatives Co-operation


Working together with internal operations and marketing teams, providing a set of services end-to-end to ensure delivery and performance.


Projects Co-Management


For more complex requests, working together with third party, internal operations and marketing teams on integration of platforms, data migration, platforms configuration.


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Fast Onboarding.
Your outputs delivered as pre-defined by your team

Our experience with marketing technology allows us to learn in a short period of time how you have customized it for your business.

Accelerate deployment of your regional operations strategy

with Technnect 3 Out-Tasking experience with:

Multinational USA and Europe Marketing Operations

Establishing a task response system aligned to your platforms integration and the flexibility demanded by marketing and sales teams in different regions and timezones.

Multinational Latam Marketing Operations

Marketing managers for the region focused on customer acquisition and sales channel development need a support team that runs all campaigns operations and interacts with global marketing platforms coordinators to be efficient and meet goals.

Sales development operations Latam

Operations support for Go-To-Market programs, providing sales training support in the region coordinating product marketing content delivery, platforms management and developing value driven sales tools.

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