Increase sales by giving your Go-To-Market Operations team a more market and a less operations approach.



Marketing operations is more than a process to launch campaigns, technology is available and your competitors have it or will implement it, your team focus needs to be more on creating and transfering new value to your customers, value that is already understood and experienced by your customer base.

Tech V2P. A market approach to technology and your operations


Marketing and Sales Technology expertise: It allows us to organize, implement and monitor all initiatives with fast deployment and scalability.

and our process V2P Value to Prospects: It expands your understanding of the market, introduces into consideration new segmentations, and adds intensity and newness to your solutions. 

Get insights to improve your approach

Keeping what needs to remain and changing what needs to be changed for medium, and large businesses



It is focused on the key features that will make it simpler for your team take new actions

Automation for Value Generation

Value parameters integration for campaigns, campaigs value scoring, value driven segmentations, analysis and new campaigns flows set up.

Value self-discovery – Instant messaging automation – Chat BOT

Providing first time to value for prospects, guiding customer journey to purchase. Driving traffic to specific content.  Decision making tree definition and assets set up.

Marketing Operations Automation

Full implementation and operation of Marketing Automation Platforms: Marketo, Eloqua or Hubspot based on your business structure and CRM platform. 

Lead qualification automation and support

CRM data enrichment, Lead scoring, Next Best Action flow,  First time to value, and reverse revenue indicators and goals.  Based on the region we can provide contact support for lead qualification, contact me and product value content presentation.


Explaining to your team how it operates, making it simpler to obtain first time to value and act as an extended team for day to day operations


Customer Database migration, CRM and Marketing  automation integration.

Operations support

Database optimization, segmentaion insights support, new campaigns implementation

On-Going Management and Monitoring

Planning of campaigns, automation flow set-up, execution, results monitoring, reports.


V2P – Value To Prospects is a new direction that helps teams collaborate, find insights and explore new perspectives to get more businesses

1.New value and potential


2. Micro-segments and value message aligned to marketing engines


3. Self-marketing and campaigns


4. Sales acceleration and on-going lead development support



Impact on pipeline is the focus and the indicator to build collective knowledge, keep what needs to remain and change what needs to be changed.

Tech V2P for Latam

Launch new products, open new segments, qualify leads and improve sales teams in the region.

Value driven sales training

Value driven content and data support.  Marketing operations provides proven content that is capturing and retaining customers, supported with results from campaigns.