The feeling of having a well-run operation makes you want to reach higher

Set higher goals and meet expectations. Add Strategic Out-Tasking to your marketing and sales development operations with technology, process innovations and tasks management support.

We are an approach Technnect: 

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We focus on learning and developing processes to  integrate new services for time-critical projects, current bottlenecks and significant backlogs

Marketing and Sales Technology expertise


We know Martech, we will operate your Customized-Martech


It allows to understand how your company has customized technology, the way your team manages it and the process we need to learn to be fully aligned, so internal clients will receive the same output that your current internal team provides. 

and our Technnect approach 


Our focus is to create a task-response based system 


Managed by a team with expertise in marketing projects, database management, Marketing Tech, Sales Tech and Data analytics.

Over 12 years of experience working with teams responsible for regional and global operations

Keeping what needs to remain and changing what needs new perspectives for Multinational and Regional companies

Add our Technnect approach for your marketing and sales development operations

Providing support on different timezones and scenarios for global marketing operations to ensure marketing and sales managers requests are supported and initiatives are executed timely.


Marketing managers for the region focused on acquisition and activation need a team that runs all campaigns operations and interacts with global marketing platforms coordinators

Operations support for training strategy in the region coordinating product marketing content delivery, platform management and developing value driven sales tools.





It is more than providing help, services, support or being and extended team



It is about how you meet the demand of your value by adding Strategic Out-Tasking in your company for:

Marketing initiatives request and Marketing Operations Automation


Full implementation and operation of Marketing Automation Platforms: Marketo, Eloqua or Hubspot based on your business structure and CRM platform. 

Automation for Value Generation


Value parameters integration for campaigns, campaigs value scoring, value driven segmentations, analysis and new campaigns flows set up.

Value self-discovery – Instant messaging automation – Chat BOT


Providing first time to value for prospects, guiding customer journey to purchase. Driving traffic to specific content.  Decision making tree definition and assets set up.

Lead qualification automation and support


CRM data enrichment, Lead scoring, Next Best Action flow,  First time to value, and reverse revenue indicators and goals.  Based on the region we can provide contact support for lead qualification, contact me and product value content presentation.

Marketing and Sales Development Platforms

We focus on delivering for every project: Technical accuracy, Timeliness, Completeness


Add Technnect for your marketing and sales development operations