Increase sales by adding the exponential factor to your marketing operations with technology and tasks management support.

Refine and simplify your marketing operations workload. We support  platforms management, data administration and new tools integration.

We are an approach Technnect


Objetives connected to Technology, Processes and Performance

Marketing and Sales Technology expertise: It allows us to organize, implement and monitor all initiatives with fast deployment and scalability.

and our process Technnect expands your understanding of how to use new technology, introduces into consideration new applications, and adds intensity and newness to your operations. 

Get insights  to Technnect for your marketing and sales operations

Keeping what needs to remain and changing what needs to be changed for Multinational and Regional companies


Ensuring tasks are done and Marketing teams get insights and new options for their initiatives.

Automation for Value Generation

Value parameters integration for campaigns, campaigs value scoring, value driven segmentations, analysis and new campaigns flows set up.

Value self-discovery – Instant messaging automation – Chat BOT

Providing first time to value for prospects, guiding customer journey to purchase. Driving traffic to specific content.  Decision making tree definition and assets set up.

Marketing Operations Automation

Full implementation and operation of Marketing Automation Platforms: Marketo, Eloqua or Hubspot based on your business structure and CRM platform. 

Lead qualification automation and support

CRM data enrichment, Lead scoring, Next Best Action flow,  First time to value, and reverse revenue indicators and goals.  Based on the region we can provide contact support for lead qualification, contact me and product value content presentation.

Marketing and Sales Platforms

Technnect  gives direction that helps teams identify, integrate and operate technology for marketing initiatives

1. Impact and value

2. Integration and operations

3. Data Insights and management


Technology, tasks management and extended teams connected

Launch new products, open new segments, qualify leads and improve sales teams in the region.

Value driven sales training

Value driven content and data support.  Marketing operations provides proven content that is capturing and retaining customers, supported with results from campaigns.  

Email campaigns automation, Bot implementation, Data management, New technologies integration