Focus on the future and maintain a positive perspective

Move forward your marketing and sales development initiatives with a well-thought-out operational structure

Plug-in Dedicated Out-Tasking with tech-operations, data management and marketing capabilities.

Beyond the tools >>

Take immediate responsive actions


Drive more leads to the sales team

creating a support solution ready to jump-in, providing services on an on-demand or on-going basis


Improve agility to meet marketing teams demands

when requests transform into demands, have a solution to accelerate your operations response for time-critical projects


Keep up-to-date

defining special processes for current bottlenecks and significant backlogs


Define your initial project, from out-tasking a specific one-time request to on-going collaborative initiatives

Over 12 years of experience working with teams responsible for regional and global operations

Keeping what needs to remain and changing what needs new perspectives

Technnect 3

Our solution and platform to fulfilling Internal teams on going 3 expectations: Faster delivery time, simpler requests process, more flexibility.

Marketing and Sales Development Platforms

We know Martech, but we will learn how you need or have customized Martech to meet business goals

It is more than

It is more than providing services, support or being and extended team. It is about how you meet the demand of your value by adding Dedicated Out-Tasking for:

Marketing Automation configuration and campaigns management

Full implementation and operation of Marketing Automation Platforms: Marketo, Eloqua, salesforce or Hubspot. Campaigns set up: Database admin, segmentations, marketing assets flow, call to actions, results monitoring, CRM reporting.

Data enrichment, segmentations requests, lead qualification

Manual enrichment process, 3rd party opt-out list scrubs, data uploads, links/emails update.  We can provide Tele-support for lead qualification or events and Contact-Me  response support.

First time to value: Instant messaging – Chatbot

First time to value paths, decision making tree definition and assets set up. CRM integration.

Value driven prospecting

Value driven segmentations, campaigns value parameters, first time to value process, iminent value flow, customer initiative appointment set up.

Sales Channel development Support

Product marketing and sales content coordination. Go-To-Market alignment. Campaigns management, digital co-marketing end-to-end services


Direct supervision to outputs, insights to improve processes, scalability

Multinational USA and Europe Marketing Operations

Establishing a task response system aligned to your platforms integration and the flexibility demanded by marketing and sales teams in different regions and timezones.

Multinational Latam Marketing Operations

Marketing managers for the region focused on customer acquisition and sales channel development need a support team that runs all campaigns operations and interacts with global marketing platforms coordinators to be efficient and meet goals.

Sales development operations Latam

Operations support for Go-To-Market programs, providing sales training support in the region coordinating product marketing content delivery, platforms management and developing value driven sales tools.

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