Automation for Value Generation

Your products are bought because of the value customers see in them. We implement 5 types of value plus the value that your business brings as a company. From there a flow to capture, redirect and scale to new segments is defined

Developing value generation flows:


Customer Value Indicators

Your customer use your products in different situations and needs, your product has features that are of more value than others, but also your company, your procesess, your team, your approach. By identifying them, new ones can be added.

Value driven segmentations

Your buyer personas are defined based on the value they capture, the job to be done or the progress they want to make.

Connection flows

Identified values are connected to new segments.

New Value driven initiatives

Over the value they obtaing add more value. Not about changing the value they see but increasing the one they obtain. It is not a sale objection, or reason to buy focus, it is a value reinforcement and expansion initiative.

Technology and operations involved

Marketo - MDM - Pardot - SAP

Create and automate workflows to provide value based content to your prospects.

Marketing platforms operations

Extended team to operate or execute specific tasks. Social media, Marketing Automation, CRM, Data Analytics.

Marketing content: Market-Language

Develop content with a buyer persona approach.

CRM Operations

Data enrichment of current client base and reactivation for lead qualification.

Value generation automation areas: