Get immediate support to
automate cross-channel initiatives:
email marketing, search paid ads and social media platforms




Our team takes on any of your
platforms, campaigns execution, and ROI


Technology brings many improvements to operations but also brings new tasks.

Our analysts quickly learn your processes, configure, personalize and integrate tools. Your team doesn’t need to be 100% dedicated to all technical tasks; with your direct supervision, we will work on all your requirements, taking care from simple to complex tasks.


Any of your platform operations tasks, analysts ready to help → 

Configuration of Marketo, Eloqua or Salesforce Marketing Cloud
CRM syncronization with marketing automation platforms
Users and profiles set up
Configuration for tracking links
Landing pages set up
Set up of emails templates
Set up of tracking links
Set up of lead scoring
Configuration of Google ads and search platforms
Configuration of social media platforms
Configuration of programatic software advertisting
Configuration and syncronization of predictive marketing platforms

Each marketing platform has a unique user approach and new features are introduced regularly.

We help teams understand how platforms work and keep them fully operational,  making sure related to set up and launching initiatives are taken care of and run as expected all the time.


Any of your campaigns execution tasks, analysts ready to help → 

Monitoring of campaigns delivery deadlines and budget allocation
Marketing assets design and delivery
Segmentations planning and delivery
Set up and delivery of social media campaigns
Set up and delivery of webinars
Set up and delivery of surveys
Set up and delivery of retargetting initiatives
Set up and delivery of A/B testing campaigns
Set up and delivery of email automation campaigns
Setup and delivery of Google adwords campaigns
Set up and delivery of predictive marketing campaigns
Quality assurance testing for campaigns

Lead generation effectiveness is more than finding the right buyer persona; it is about finding the right channel.

We help teams keep their budget allocation and marketing channel mix under control and optimized. We work with you exploring new ideas to improve your ROI.


Any of your marketing channels ROI tasks, analysts ready to help → 

Set up and personalization of Google Analytics dashboards.
Set up and personalization of Tableu dashboards for campaigns
Daily monitoring of campaigns performance
Monitoring and optimization of budget spending per channel
Set up of single-touch and multi-touch attribution models and tools
Person-level data measurement
Set up and monitoring of multi-channel metrics unification apps.
Reports personalization on marketing KPIs: Leads, conversion rates, website traffic and social media engagement.
Develop analytical reports for teams requesting insight, supportive data or campaigns status
Maintaining necessary processes, controls and procedures to ensure data accuracy
Create actionable insights based on customer data
Channel budget optimization

We operate your marketing platforms and quickly learn your internal processes




In-Tactic ™
We provide quick support for your Indispensable Tactical, Technical, Analytical Tasks

See our 3 key proven-guidelines to ensure quality and on-time delivery of your first project and every project.


1. First time to value

  • Agile Scope of Work.
  • Fair and competitive pricing and transparent budget control.
  • Quick set up for resources.
  • Fast first time-to-value and frequent milestone programming.

2. Four-eyes principle

  • Two-team member project involvement.
  • Immediate junior analysts assignment: For data and automation projects.
  • Flexible senior analysts assignment and multiple projects continuity.
  • Rapid scalation process.

3. Direct supervision

  • On-demand project advancement and performance meetings.
  • Sense of urgency to make adjustments to deliverables.
  • Work together with clients teams to define processes and key actions for quality assurance.

You grow as we go

We are ready to be your marketing operators!