Get immediate support to
smoothly roll out cross-channel initiatives running your CRM, marketing automation, paid ads and webinar platforms

Profit from the new data that integrating attributions models brings, and stay on top of variations in your marketing channels performance
Get a complete list of services and pricing, lower your costs for upcoming new projects.

We take on your operational tasks, including:

Campaigns performance reports

Social media paid ads campaigns set up and monitoring

Email campaigns set up and monitoring

Google Ads campaigns

Webinars promotion and delivery

Interest qualification per campaign

Retargetting initiatives

Channel budget optimization

An efficient approach for:

1. Simultaneously operating platforms
and campaigns in each channel, including: Email automation, Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, webinar, tradeshow tools.

2. Centralizing  multi-platform data and cross-analysis
of each campaign with an easy-to-understand attribution model.

3. Expand your team capability
with game changing software and AI tools as they  become available for marketers. 

In-Tactic ™ - Indispensable Tactical, Technical, Analytical Tasks

Delivering your first project

This is how we work:

time to value


  • Agile Scope of Work.
  • Fair and competitive pricing and transparent budget control.
  • Quick set up for resources.
  • Fast first time-to-value and frequent milestone programming.



  • Two-team member project involvement.
  • Immediate junior analysts assignment: For data and automation projects.
  • Flexible senior analysts assignment and multiple projects continuity.
  • Rapid scalation process.



  • On-demand project advancement and performance meetings.
  • Sense of urgency to make adjustments to deliverables.
  • Work together with clients teams to define processes and key actions for quality assurance.

Collaborating on highly specific needs for:

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¨It is like one of our team working with us because I know your deliverables are exactly how we would have done it.

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¨You manage Marketo, but it is more than that, you manage our Marketo.¨

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