Get immediate support to optimize campaigns,
integrate predictive modeling and analytics
to expand your competitive advantage



Our team takes on any of your
data preparation, modeling, and effectiveness


It starts here, organizing data sources, structure, processing and purpose.

We help teams keep their data useful integrating sources and identifying how to better manage it for each business’ needs and objectives.


Any of your data preparation tasks, analysts ready to help → 

APIs implementation to connect multiple apps for data collection
Data extraction software set up to pull data from multiple sources
Data entry quality assurance
Data elimination
Data standardization
Data harmonization
Data profiling
CRM data syncnorinzation
Marketing automation platforms data syncronization
Deploying multichannel campaigns data collection and syncronization
Integrate new real-time customers data
Integration with R, Python

It is about pointing campaigns in the right direction of engagement.

We help teams set up and manage their ensemble modeling process, optimize in-database engines, and customize data visualization.


Any OF YOUR PREDICTIVE MODEL BUILDING TaskS, analysts ready to help → 

Segmentation Models
Propensity Models
Recommendations Filtering
Model validation and testing
Acquisition models
Cross-sell models
Up-sell models
Customer behavior models: Lifetime value, messages, risk
Model management and monitoring
Forecast Model
Outliers Model
Time Series Model

Each possible outcome of a particular experiment is unique.

We help teams with model performance assessments, comparison tools, and model rebuilding to stay competitive in the market, build better products and have more meaningful engagement.


Any of your model effectiveness tasks, analysts ready to help → 

Models results interpretation
Success Criteria for Estimation
Predictive model performance comparison against random results with lift charts and decile tables
Predictive model consistency testing with bootstrap sampling
Campaigns impact assesment based on probability and profitability
Projected revenue per campaign
Feedback loop for models refinement
Over-fitting and under-fitting model consistency adjustments
Model testing and updating: Seasonal, activity based, measurement based.
Model retraining: New purposes, new historical data
Model features selection review
Algrotithms parameters value optimization

We pay immediate attention to integrate and optimize data and tools that give insights and point us in the right direction





In-Tactic ™
We provide quick support for your Indispensable Tactical, Technical, Analytical Tasks

See our 3 key proven-guidelines to ensure quality and on-time delivery of your first project and every project.

1. First time to value

  • Agile Scope of Work.
  • Fair and competitive pricing and transparent budget control.
  • Quick set up for resources.
  • Fast first time-to-value and frequent milestone programming.

2. Four-eyes principle

  • Two-team member project involvement.
  • Immediate junior analysts assignment: For data and automation projects.
  • Flexible senior analysts assignment and multiple projects continuity.
  • Rapid scalation process.

3. Direct supervision

  • On-demand project advancement and performance meetings.
  • Sense of urgency to make adjustments to deliverables.
  • Work together with clients teams to define processes and key actions for quality assurance.

You grow as we go

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