Intelligent marketing automation and multiple apps integration

Focused on developing leads, promoting marketing initiatives, increasing contacts.

Full implementation and operation of Marketing Automation Platforms:

Marketo, Eloqua, salesforce or Hubspot.

Tech Operations

Marketing platforms operations

Extended team to operate or execute specific tasks. Social media, Marketing Automation, CRM, Data Analytics

Marketo - Eloqua - Pardot - SAP

Configurator support, campaigns set up, metrics and KPIs monitoring

Campaigns support

Online initiatives supported end to end. Managed in CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. Bringing leads to landing pages

Developing lead generation and managing campaigns

Email campaigns

Set up of email flows based on the interaction of the contacts for the presentation of marketing content, and lead qualification

Webinars-online events

We manage the hosting platform and organise the invitations and promotion. We provide support during the webcast, and carry out follow ups to qualify customer interest, and we update the CRM

Social Media and Google adwords

We manage Sprout Social and Sprinkler platforms.

Campaign metrics setup

Datastudio dashboard personalization, Marketing platforms reporting setup, data analytics implementation