Data enrichment, segmentations, lead qualification

Focused on improving data quality, useful contacts and customer info, accurate lists and reports, monitoring data-driven insights.

Manual enrichment process, 3rd party opt-out list scrubs, data uploads, links/emails updates.

Tech Operations

Database migration

When acquiring a new Marketing automation or CRM platform, working with IT teams to make data available and ensure marketing teams requests keep being provided.

Third party platforms data integration

Planning and deploying data from one system to another: CRM, Marketing Automation, Campaigns Management sofware, Analytics and BI tools.

Contacts database cleansing and enrichment

Campaigns bring all kind of data, we filter incoming contact info to ensure new data is valid. We can also provide services to update info from customers not-touched making it useful to Marketing teams. CRM integration. We can provide Tele-support for lead qualification or events and Contact-Me  response support.

Supporting internal clients lists and segmentations requests