Lead qualification automation and support

For large and multinational companies we focus on accelerating tactics and integrating technology to your lead generation process.

Developing lead generation and opportunity management initiatives with:

V2P Tactics

Buyer persona - Journey to purchase

Find new insights of your prospects expectations and making decision process.

Presales - lead qualification

Give a big push to discover leads in your current client database or in your last initiatives.

New marketing engines

Reinforce and add new channels with a dedicated team and fast-track campaigns.

Events support for new opportunities discovery

Confirm attendance, provide valuable content and follow up for lead qualification.

Tech Operations

Marketing platforms operations

Extended team to operate or execute specific tasks. Social media, Marketing Automation, CRM, Data Analytics.

CRM Operations

Data enrichment of current client base and reactivation for lead qualification.

Marketo - MDM - Pardot - SAP

Create and automate workflows to provide value based content to your prospects.

Marketing content: Market-Language

Develop content with a buyer persona approach.

Value centered webinars for Lead Development

Providing a discovery based approach to contacts, prospects and clients.

Social media lead generation

Reinforce your social media lead generation with follow up contact and lead qualification actions.