Marketing Automation configuration and campaigns management

Focused on developing leads, promoting marketing initiatives, increasing contacts.

Tech Operations

Marketing platforms operations

Extended team to operate or execute specific tasks. Social media, Marketing Automation, CRM, Data Analytics.

Marketo - Eloqua - Pardot - SAP

Create and automate workflows to provide value based content to your prospects.

Campaigns Operations

Online initiatives supported end to end. Managed in CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. Bringing leads to landing pages.

Developing lead generation and managing campaigns

Email campaigns

Set up campaigns flows based on customer interactions.

Webinars-online events

Flows from pre-event interactions, event and post-event lead qualification driven contact.

Online ads

Incoming contacts enter into a series of automated options: Bots, Email follow ups, Call to actions for content, CRM integrations, SDR Alerts and new segmentations based on scoring and value metrics.

Social Media Campaigns operations

Facebook, Google ads, Linkedin. Sprout Social & Sprinkler expertise.