Value to Prospects –  V2P

We want to bring change to how startups, small and medium size business develop new clients, making available processes and best practices successfully used by new growing companies.


Trusted by startups, tech, education, coworking, retail  businesses

Perfect to define the value of your new offer, develop micro segments, approach efficiently marketing channels, focus your sales teams


  In 4 stages


Lead generation engines alignment

3 web-sessions – Channel Fit

 Digital and Traditional Marketing campaigns 

3 web-sessions and Campaigns roll out


Sales acceleration and lead qualification 

6 follow up weekly web-meetings

Deliverables fully customized


  Value and potential guide

  Specific Marketing engines viability report

  Go-To-Market strategy with specific campaigns

  Digital marketing assets for campaigns: landing page, emails, posts

  Week 3 – Starts first campaign

  Week 4 to 8:  Weekly next best action web meeting and report for lead development

  Goals objectives -ScoreDay1 :  For BTB: # of first meetings or new business,  for BTC: # of first time customers or new sales


Webinar “ProspectDay1”


Date: 06/27/18
Hour: 9:00 am – 10:00am Eastern Standard Time –  15:00 – 16:00 Madrid GMT-1


ProspectDay1 makes your lead generation process more efficient and your campaigns more focus on your prospects value expectations.
Thank you for your interest.