Providing data cleansing and enrichment services

Focused on having for campaings and sales initiatives updated data that improves efficiency and brings clarity to new opportunities.

The source of market knowledge is data


  • Management

    Developing new technical approaches to improve data quality and resource utilization.
  • Enrichment

    Adding and connecting additional data to current information through platforms programming and manual data inputs.
  • Format validation

    Automating data input quality. Developing effective data capture methods.

End to end out-tasking services for : 


  • Typing errors corrections automated and manual review

  • Completing contacts data for CRM guidelines

  • Data duplication detection


Technnect 3 Tasks

CRM integration

Data enrichment

Lead qualification

Marketing automation configuration

Segmentations management

Multichannel campaigns coordination

Database management

Data migration

Third party platforms integration

Email campaigns

Chatbots deployment

Lead generation reports and metrics