technnect 3

Our solution to advance your three main aims:


  1. Simplified new project initiation

  2. Shorter delivery times

  3. Capacity for large scale requests

End to end out-tasking services for


  • Marketing Automation platforms operations

  • Database and lists management

  • Email, social media and Re-marketing campaigns automation

  • Predictive marketing implementation

  • Ad-tech operations

Large scale request process:


  • Standard templates for requests

  • Task priority assessment

  • Task classification according to complexity and frequency

  • Specific processes for time critical and unplanned requests

  • Action plan for high season demand

Technnect 3 Tasks

CRM integration

Data enrichment

Lead qualification

Marketing automation configuration

Segmentations management

Multichannel campaigns coordination

Database management

Data migration

Third party platforms integration

Email campaigns

Chatbots deployment

Lead generation reports and metrics