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Webinar “ProspectDay1”

ProspectDay1 is a solution designed for Medium and Small companies focused on creating weekly campaigns to enter new segments and launch new products. Explore with us how to introduce this methodology to your current campaigns and develop an internal formal process for client development.

Webinar “ProspectReset ”

ProspectReset focuses on integrating customer journey, content, marketing operations and sales qualification.  Explore with us how to introduce this approach to your Go To Market strategies.

Webinar “ProspectLatam”

After working for more than 12 years with marketing and sales teams  of multinational companies in the region, we have seen how the latin american market still needs a special approach.  Each campaign is unique and each prospect is unique.  Companies need to work on taking the time and the right approach to explain their potential value more than the generic value.  Explore with us how to keep the right approach without over spending and in a scalable way.

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